I was at a forest with the river Brahmaputra flowing through. I hear the sounds of crickets chirping, birds tweeting, the river gurgling and I see lots of colours. If I squint my eyes I see more than I expect, but back to business. So I want to know what a delta is, why was it made and what do dams do. So let’s start with the basic stuff. Suddenly I feel something wet on my shoulder and notice it’s a smelly grey mound. I look around for the producer who decided to sell his products to me.


Me –Whoaa! Thanks for the gift but it’s not what I need right now.

Parrot – Okay what do you want?

Me –Well what is a delta?

Parrot –Hmm… The delta is a part of the river where it separates. And, Oh my! I am completeley, utterly late! All because of you dreadfull human! Now I must go.

Me –Well that’s odd. Whoaa! Oops…I don’t need your gifts anymore!

Parrot –Squawk Polly! Shut your piehole!

Me –Now that’s some behaviour!

Now I continue on my journey with the next question. I walk around the living forest. Now I need to know why the delta was made. So I ask a porcupine who I decide not to go close to or I should expect a spine in the shoulder.

Me- Why was the delta made?

Porcupine – I’m very old so I think I heard you say ‘I want a spine in my shoulder.’

Me –No! I said or rather asked ‘Why was the delta made?’

Porcupine –Oh the delta! It was used by farmers to grow crops and it is very fertile. So I suppose that’s why it’s made

Me –Thanks!

Now the quest for the third question. I see a crocodile after walking for many days and not finding any creature for a long time. So I was happy to see the crocodile.

Me –What does a dam do to a river?

Croc-Oh! So you want to know that! I’ll show you! MEGA QUAKE!

And he blocks the river making a dam. Suddenly the river floods out of its banks. After a few minutes he releases his tense muscles and climbs up the banks of the river. Just as soon it had flooded it rushed back to its place.

Croc –There you go okay!

Me –Cool!

And now I have an answer to my questions.

Then I walk away but suddenly hear a piercing voice scream Mega Quake! I turn around to see the croc flying through the air and blocking the river again. Suddenly I see a water hyacinth flow by and say, ‘Oi no water hyacinths here!’

Puffer fish –Oi, I’m a puffer fish dummy!

Me –Okay so why are you all puffed up?

Puffer fish –This is my home! Who put all the water on one side? Master Fishy face will be upset!


Then I see an artist and so I ask,

Me- Why is the delta important?

Artist- It’s my subject!

Me- Oh, Okay. Thanks!

Me- Hey tree why is the delta important?!

Neem tree- It’s my mirror don’t you see?

The artist comes to my rescue by falling off a rock. So the Neem rushes to his side and starts plucking leaves out of its head and scrubbing his wounds with it.

Me- Phew!

So we all know that each and every creature has its own way of seeing the delta. It is not only important but also their home and it is precious to them.

-Avyakta Voruganti, 4th grade, Age 10