Have you ever felt that eerie silence
when you have nothing to do, nothing to commence,
at the break of dawn, when the earth slows down
and relaxes itself; every city, every town;

When you sit down and listen,
the world is so dull, yet seems to glisten;
the tiny chirp of a sparrow far away
“enjoy the quiet” it seemed to say.

The world was peaceful, without a sound
which is surprising, there were people around!
but they seemed to enjoy the quiet as much as you and I;
I could safely say not a sound was made by even a fly.

The hum of the wind turned into a tune
though time hadn’t changed, it was now a lazy afternoon;
I realize the melody was from the boy next door,
the sound was beautiful, could not wish for more.

It was as if a waterfall of notes,
it was an everlasting song, one that always floats;
I felt as if light were shining through leaves,
the sound in the quiet, the happiness in grief.
It covered me like a blanket, made every part warm,
for I will never understand, who made this music form.

– Rahul Kurien, class 7, age 12 (1st December 2015)