Months ago I dug up the ground,
but underneath there was nothing to be found.
With a little effort I inserted a tiny seed,
but in my mind it was all a little weed.
Watered with care, every single day.
“It’ll be beautiful when it grows”, everyone seemed to say,
weeks and weeks it seemed to take,
does it take that long, this little flower to make.
But stunning it looked when it finally bloomed,
In the gentle breeze, it swayed and loomed
the beautiful jasmine, petals extended,
my puzzle of a brain finally mended
but forgot soon about it.
Now it was an extra piece that would not fit.

Soon turned up the annual vacation
I visited and explored a whole new location.
But came back my feelings mixed
when I saw my house, my memory fixed.
But my mind was drawn to a little dot
The world turned blurred, and all I could do was
focus on that tiny little slot
There stood the jasmine, tall and bright
the beautiful petals, yellow and white
I would have traded, nothing for this sight
It seemed to be glowing, emitting a little light
For the rest of the world, seemed to fade away
and my memory was restricted to this little vision.

Rahul Kurien, class 7, age 12 (1st December 2015)