Stillnessandme aims at instilling a sense of wonder and oneness with nature and uses the gift of our senses- seeing, hearing and feeling, as doorways into an experience of stillness and creativity. As a continuation of the project activities started in Munnar with the High Range school in December 2015 the Stillness team moved to a farm house in Neendur, Kottayam called J yes farm run by Mr Joy Chemmachel to explore the various ecosystems prevalent in a farm and to see how they are connected and feed off each other.

Apart from creating a Mandala design that represents the ecosystem there, children also took part in a conversation based mock play sitting in an abandoned old ‘kettuvallam’ found in the farmyard. They explored the ecosystem through conversations and used the river as a metaphor for mankind’s quest and journey.

Is the journey required? What are the tools available to these children who set off on this journey? Who accompanies them? What are the obstacles they face? How do they overcome it and what do they do when they reach the other side of the river, are some of the questions the children debated and learned from.

They also pondered over the different ways of ‘seeing’ an object, person or event, inspired by a famous quote by Oscar Wilde-

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

The activities were led by the High range school teachers, Tinu reshma, Baiju mv, k.g Vilson and Esther jayanthi. Dr. Sulochana nalapat, Anuradha nalapat and Shobha menon helped conduct the workshops held on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2016