Art experiential workshop by the Stillness Project for The High Range School

Through our projects, we have been able to rekindle within the children of High Range School a genuine relationship with nature, which we believe is the only way to make them care passionately about nature and all its creatures, including humans. Although born and brought up in the lap of nature, it is now that these children have learnt to see and appreciate what they see around them, and understand that we are all connected and part of an interdependent network.

 All we had to do was open their eyes to the magic within and around them, and they rewarded us with deep insights into themselves that were extremely surprising for their age.

We are privileged to act as catalysts in their flowering as future contributors to a more conscious and responsible society.


The cell walls are getting ready for the virus attack! with Dr Tholpadi assisting the children into the world of cells.

The dying cells after the attack

The viruses have the last laugh. They broke through all the barricades put up by the cell. The lymphocytes and T cells and the immune system collapsed under these gutsy viruses! God save the cells!