Art experiential workshop by the Stillness Project for The High Range School

A search for ‘value’ in contemporary society

The High Range school children visited “Dare’ a school for the differently-abled, run by Tata Global Beverages in Munnar, in October 2016.  For those at ‘Dare’ the joy of the journey they undertake cannot be replaced by money or even validations. It might take a day to learn to put a button in its hole. What matters is their will to do it and not the time taken. In a consumerist world, value comes from your utility, measured and quantified. But at Dare these yardsticks which we commonly use are of no value. The children of High Range School interacted with the Dare children in order to share and understand their unique world, and redefine their own value definitions.

On November 12th and 13th, the organizers travelled to Munnar to conduct an experiential workshop called ‘The Cell and I’ that celebrated the dedication and infinite potential of the children at ‘Dare’ school and all children in general. This is the third project in a year by the Stillness team for the children of the High Range School.

Children at Aranya the vegetable dye unit, Athulya the hand made paper and stationary unit, Nisarga for jams and pickles and Deli the bakery.  Watch ‘Dare’ on u-tube