Love Thy Labyrinth

Walking the labyrinth is a meditative experience bringing the body mind and soul together. It aims to take the walker through several layers of his being starting from the physical body and culminating in the centre of the labyrinth, a space of godliness, and back.

A seven ringed labyrinth will have seven different pathways. The walk will help him connect to his body, he will address, feel and understand his emotions and thoughts. He will learn to express, communicate his wishes, listen to his inner voice and strength. He will experience trust and love and learn to shed his fears. He will be open to new ideas and have the courage, passion and creativity to explore his minds wishes and move towards his goal.

Material- To be made like a hedge in a garden using fast growing creepers supported either by a small (3 feet) brick or mud wall.

Location – Outdoor in the midst of nature with a water source- stream/river close by.

Size and no of rings- About 25 feet in diameter with seven circuits or rings

Time taken – Approximately four months for the creepers to grow.

Actual Workshop with the Labyrinth walk – Three days




IMG_528020171024_132221IMG_5355  Aha moment  love thy labyrinth walk  Musings from the labyrinth