Thoughts on Intention-Attention-Perception

Imagine a colorful woven carpet which we can call as consciousness, and each one of us being such a marvelous carpet. Say, many such weaves that exist float in a larger weave of consciousness. What you experience in a moment is based on the belief structure you have built for yourself. Each little square in the weave is only one of the many experiences you are capable of allowing into your particular consciousness. Your interpretation of the experience is what makes you feel the way you do. And you interpret because your kind of interpretation validates you as a person, or your idea of who you are. That’s what you think you would like to be or are. This interpretation again comes from your belief structures. So you have the choice to experience anything in those thousands of small squares that make your consciousness.

The focus is not whether the experience you choose is good or bad, but whether it expands your consciousness. If I choose that, will that fulfill my being, will it be new, will it work for me? If I intend something, what is the experience I can expect? If the aim is such, then you see that different people will automatically choose different experiences as per the individuals need to expand and grow. You don’t label experiences themselves as good or bad.

I choose, or I put in an intent and I’m in charge here, not the experience. I choose to win or lose in a football match. If the intention is not there the experience will also not manifest. Then listen, hear, see, feel, put your attention in the right place. Then work towards manifesting it.

Why do we choose a certain experience and not another which is needed for us? Why does attention waiver? Either you are not aware of the whole picture of possibilities for you, or you are not aware of the happiness you have felt? Or you don’t value it because society itself doesn’t value it.

Osho says if you’re not always swinging from the opposites, when you are balanced, you will see things around you as god. Existence is alive. You have been given a whole canvas to play on. To choose the colors, experiences that you want to play with, live through. Choose well.

If there are many things on the mind it is dissipating energy. Mind becomes dull, bored, and meaningless. When it’s weightless, the whole world looks fresh and you yourself look light, unburdened. Then existence becomes beautiful and that beauty is god. Existence is alive and that aliveness is god. For a virgin mind god is everywhere and God is a revelation.

You have deadened your mind through the process of extremes. Wherever you are makes no difference. The other side always feels more attractive.