Weed a garden

It’s a mindful act, not mindless. That is what is scary. They come from a mind running berserk, directionless, and powerless. This new breed of creatures are not animals. Neither are they humans. So the human right activists can relax. This disease that some glorify and call as freedom fighters or just plain terror outfits, call them whatever, they need to be, and are crying to be wiped out of our lands and our systems. It’s a whole ugly state of mind that needs to be eradicated like Small pox and Polio.

Our generation has failed our children, which is why we are watching this horror movie with no interludes. We did willingly buy the tickets to this endless insane dream work when we wore our caste and religion on our foreheads and strutted around. When we cloaked ourselves in saffron, smeared our faces with ash, when we wore our skull caps, burqas and what not, and thought ourselves superior to those different from us. There should be a law that restricts human beings to live their fantasies and their relationships with God in the privacy of their homes and minds, and only in designated public spaces. Let them smoke out their plastic gods, light candles or ring bells to lure their gods, but only at home. Those who know what love is will not make love in the streets, because it’s sacred. So is your union with god space. It can neither be understood, by you yourself, let alone by someone else. We don’t have the vocabulary to share the joy. Therefore let it remain within.

My god is as strong or as weak as yours. He is formless and un-manifest, and therefore capable of manifesting in all forms. It’s high time we let that energy be. Where does the question of conversion arise if you believe that he’s both black and white, and blue and pink? Conversion is not about gods, but livelihoods and money. The poorer sections of the society are mostly sane, and in touch with ‘god space’ and know what Faith means, at least more than us. They are fooling you, by allowing you to believe that you are fooling them with your conversion rants. Clearly, something’s wrong in the way we propagate religion if we’re always waging wars and atrocities in the name of the most Compassionate? The one energy that dwells in the lowest of the low worm and in the mighty elephant. And yet like an old stuck record the stale old movie plays on and on. As ordinary citizens of a country we cannot fight this battle in our borders with torpedoes and bombs. The soldiers will do that. But we can definitely do our bit to prevent this virus from infiltrating into our society and our children.

Tell your children that you have failed. Tell them that you do not know what god is. All the holy books put together for millennia have not helped. Tell them that religion as we know it does not help unite, but bleeds. Refuse to be judged by your religious leaning. Refuse to write your religion in school, hospital, government forms. Tell your children that terror cannot be intellectually justified. Let them relearn to engage with their hearts. Teach them that they can only change themselves, not the world. Actually we are the ones who have forgotten how to engage with our hearts, and they are the ones wondering what’s happened to us, why we are so blind.

Redefine faith for them. Not as a blind religious belief system that creates monstrous Trojan viruses out of us. But a faith in the much larger goodness- a massive playground of Love from where arises these convoluted beliefs of the mind. Tell them to trust and have faith in this Faith. Tell them to listen to music, to look at birds, to feed a cat, to weed a garden, to do something useless. To reach forward and access that space. To always keep in touch and do something useless. We have proved ourselves useless anyway, so what have we to lose?