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An art workshop is like an alchemy. The artist converts that which rose from deep within, that which had the potential to be converted into gold. The more you lose in the fire of your attention, the more you gain.

Anointing the Unseen

Art workshops of the Stillness project are designed for both adults and children. They are geared towards creativity; towards helping to get in touch with the magical spaces within ourselves. This is a source of strength and stability so very crucial in these times that throw us out of balance. We will uncover neglected spaces in the human psyche, soft whispers we learnt not to listen to, and give them their due through Art- painting and writing. It will help understand the root causes for our behavioral structures. We at the Stillness project are rooting for contentment and peace!

Stillness and me

The Stillness project art workshops aim to support efforts that help gain a deep understanding of the ecosystem in which we live. To develop a sense of wonder, respect and empathy for everything that is part of that ecosystem – the earth, plants, animals, and people.  To instill creativity and compassion into our daily lives.

In an age where many of the old ways are dying and values eroded much like the top soil is, it is hoped that this project will help arrest this trend, and perhaps resurrect these at least in the hearts and minds of the next generation.


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