Resurrecting ancestral wisdom buried under sands of time
Resurrecting ancestral wisdom buried under sands of time
Kuzhi-aana Mantra aims to celebrate simple people still guarding the frail connect between man and nature. We hope to unearth soft whispers buried in sands of time. We hope to explore the threads that make up a compassionate cultural fabric- to reconnect.
This will touch most importantly our millennial children who need to be told by us that they are not the aberration but it is we who have sowed the seeds of discontent and violence which is now sprouting in our streets right now. We owe it to them.

We are the creators of our thoughts, words and deeds, which becomes a culture that we live in. Times are such that we are already seeing the wheels of time grinding to a halt. The task ahead feels immense, but together if we can shift our attention to the god of small things, together if we change direction and swim in synchronicity like shoals of tiny fish, we will yet again taste the nectar that was once ours.

May nature forgive us and may we be blessed to see and know the whole universe from our own little spot under the sun.

My deep felt gratitude to so many beautiful people who inspired me on this journey. Many came forward to help in whatever way they could. I thank Anil, Prof Leelavathy, Prof C R Radhakrishnan, Prakash Bare and Unni Vijayan. Uma Gautam, Rafeeq, Sukumaran, Ravi, Sarita, Nanappan, Sherin and Kuttan. Shobha Menon and Radha Gomati, Ravindran and Suma Ravindran. My mother Dr. Sulochana Unnikrishnan and my sister Ammu. My students Esha Shekar and Sheoli Biswas.


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