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Embedded cultural experiences are wrought in the fire of observations and experiments conducted in the petri dish of the self itself. The alchemy takes time because we are born ashtavakras, with disjointed bodies and minds.

Paintings – Dispeller Of Darkness

The dispeller of darkness in other words is a guru, a master who creates masterpieces out of life. No wonder the wise ones said that experience is guru. Experiences come and go by the dozens but you are not always awake to it. You are not always an active participant. The most fulfilling journey has always been inward, a mixture of emotions rising, thoughts intervening and ultimately a choice less facing of the potpourri, a succumbance to the rising wave in you and being with it. And on one such magical occasion, like they say the universe conspires in your favour. All creatures talk to you, and the thinking mind brushes it aside as a coincidence, not of any relevance whatsoever. And then in you rises a prayer requesting for a repeat appearance and this time I promise to believe. And that is granted too. And it goes on and on, the coincidences and an intense state of alertness bringing to the surface fantastical images from mythology somehow deeply embedded in you. When fear receded you were bathed in joy. And all along this journey you had the image of a master juggler or many master jugglers juggling your inner landscape. Finally when the tide recedes and so called sanity cuddles up to you, you dismiss the whole story as figments of an imaginative mind.

The painting arose from one such experience. It is unique and can never be repeated.

Paintings – Interpreting Resonance

Colour colour on the wall what does it say about my soul?

Some say it with colours, some with music, some tune into the rhythm of the body. But everyone tries to sing their song. For this exhibition we’re listening to the language of music to see and hear what colours they possess. Am I synesthetic? No my brain does not see colours in musical notes. But intellectually it can assign colours to the rising and falling of emotions ingrained in tones. But whose colour is it anyway, one wonders. My various blues, and your blues, never of the same hue. My blue is your pink. My blues of yesterday morph silently into yesterday’s reds. My reds simmer and transform into purples today as I turn a corner across the street. My colours are fluid. Yes, like your music. They’re like waves rising benevolently for the morning sun cradling her multiple hues in its crest this moment, and the next splattering the colours at your feet into mellow whites. And then once in a long while when the world is asleep and you aren’t, the wave recedes along with your colours far too long like a tsunami. You watch drained, perplexed, the colours of your soul, yesterday’s blues, today’s violets and future purples rocking and rolling to unseen chords. They pluck at the strings of your heart, your eyes are heavy, your breath is faint. They like to breathe in and out, dance in and out to someone else’s music. It’s a time when in your palette the green sits next to the red, not to complement each other, but to dull the brilliance. My blue will sit next to black safely muted, and not next to orange. My yellow might not even sit. And that’s the truth, the story of the colour of my soul, dancing to someone else’s music.

Cell and I – Art experiential installation & Performance

The feedback loop is seen in all living systems especially your cell, leaving no doubt that we are a small part of a systemic network within and outside us, completely dependent on each other. If you can see this at the cell level you can also see it at the organ level, the environment you inhabit, at the cosmic level and at the consciousness level. Sitting together inside the cell womb as the all-powerful nucleus or as the cell membrane/skin of the cell, and looking around, our stories mingle and merge, connected, dependent, and a part of the whole.

Paintings -Tortoise Nautilus Venus and Us

In ‘Tortoise Nautilus Venus and Us’ through paintings, drawing and poetry Anuradha Nalapat explores the similarities of patterns existing in nature, and in human thoughts and behavior. She believes that all fields of study, whether Psychology, Epistemology, Theology, Art or Religion, all in their own ways are trying to deal with the Patterns of the human mind. A book that arose out of this exploration was called ‘The Little Book Of Serendipity.’ This exhibition saw a coming together of Science and Art.

Paintings – The earth’s date with the sky

Art is always about looking at what’s inside oneself. To look at how we have changed deep inside. Not a reckless digging and raking up of didactic muck or commenting on the world; but a compassionate unearthing of what the world is doing to us. The word ‘compassion’ means ‘with passion’ and it is only with passion – with the heart and not the mind, that the truth can be approached and reclaimed along with reclaiming the feminine-intuitive side of man kind.  Along with simple ‘rights and wrongs’ of the moment that allow us to take responsibility for ourselves.

Paintings – Nothing and Everything

Two sides of the same coin, a crazy wisdom

At this stage there was no need to paint. You could move into uncharted territories. This was the moment. The painter and the painted were one again, but on a different plane; inside yet outside. The view was awesome. The experience electrifying. You navigate the dense black cloud and the brilliant white with equal joy and ease. No conflicts here, just a joyous bringing forth of flower, seed, mountain, tree, water. A feeling of one with the rhythm of the mountains and their silent hum. It yielded, stooped down, it shed its secrets. All that was needed was to trust the masters who said that the seed was within. Then comes the famous leap, the immersion and the bringing forth of gems that were promised.

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