What is Art? I don’t know   Who am I? I am the Art

It is now as the cycle fulfills itself and the wheels of time grind away, that the feminine in us, the art of it all, should be unlocked


An artist, in order to get a birds eye view of ones own oft repetitive perspectives, is forced to leap. The process of creativity is this quantum leap into the sea of raw potential.

The unknown


Embedded cultural experiences are wrought in the fire of observations and experiments conducted in the petri- dish of the self itself. The alchemy of this art takes time because we are born Ashtavakras, with disjointed bodies and minds.


Art is a flow of energy constantly giving birth, and swimming in that web of madness, somewhere I sense a stillness, a crazy wisdom in that gap.


The self is such an amazing jumble. Many people, many voices speaking through us and for us. The formidable task is the art of weeding it out.


Anuradha Nalapat

I am a chronicler of mind stuff. I am more of a plumber or a doctor than a painter- plumbing the depths, pricing out and erasing structured memory capsules, fixing the leaks and relishing the taste of freedom, nature, creativity, love, god particle, call it by whatever name you will… I am here, for, by and in the process that some call life and some call art, and painting and writing is my medium. Within a painting, colours, lines, composition, beauty, anything is sacrificed in exchange for the naked truth.

I have no other plans.



Thoughts are thoughts. Mere words. Therefore, nothing that has ever been said can give you the feel.

Art workshops

Like an alchemist, one converts that which rose from deep within, that which had the potential to be converted into gold. The more you lost in the fire of your attention, the more you gained.


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