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The self is such an amazing jumble. Many people, many voices speaking through us and for us. The formidable task is the thought of weeding it out.

Everything is love  Nothing but love


Where am I
where no one can see me
where no one can hear me
where am I
where I walk alone, talk alone


who am I where am I

Where am I who am I? Who am I that has dwelt so long in the other, who am I that left the sunny perch; A Chameleon? Lizard eyes circumambulating, seeking, searching for the heavens, The mediators of light pointed to; down, down the nauseous blind alleys, Spinning in...

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Beyond this body of mine chanting perennial prayers,
awaits a spark of vision, a cloak of deep silence,
to ignite this myopic lens.

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I’m a tiny blade of grass reaching for the sky,
descend for me a step or two,
sing me a song and cradle my longing,
in the rolling silence of your womb,

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This old acquaintance in a new garb,

when it hunts you down, you succumb;

you, just an attire for convenience,

shall succumb to the timeless rush of a dream,

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I stand on the scorching meridian twenty years hence, a debutante,

pain continues to permeate without my asking.

We’re not strangers anymore, yet it feels strange when they seize

with such ease and curry you down.

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Growing as the sun rises and the water runs in sinks,

growing as the sun sets and as the muezzin chants,

growing as pen pours onto paper,

as silence boils, as the bee enters,

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