I AM  what I am

That’s all there is to it. The joy of the first sighting. Cling to it, the lightness in spirit, dwell in it for as long as time permits

Anuradha Nalapat

Art works


Embedded cultural experiences are wrought in the fire of observations and experiments conducted in the petri dish of the self itself. The alchemy takes time because we are born Ashtavakras, with disjointed bodies and minds.


A flow of energy constantly giving birth, and swimming in that web of madness, somewhere I sense a stillness, a crazy wisdom in that gap.


The self is such an amazing jumble. Many people, many voices speaking through us and for us. The formidable task is the thought of weeding it out.

The Artist

Anuradha Nalapat is an artist based in Bangalore. She took her degree in fine Arts from the govt college of fine Arts in Trivandrum. She has worked in the Painting studios of the Lalith Kala Akademi in Madras and Calcutta.

She has conducted solo shows in many cities including Cochin, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Calcutta and Delhi. She has also been active as a writer and has published a book of verse by Writers workshop Calcutta and has won prizes and published short stories and poetry in various journals and magazines including the Sahitya Akademi journal of Indian Literature, Unisun, and the South Asian review. She has been working with children, conducting creative art experiential workshops for them under ‘The Stillness Project’ and ‘Anointing the Unseen’.

In her own words – A particular stroke, and you live the freedom of having lived half your life; A particular color and you have just woken the unseen in you; A new shape and you have just crossed a bridge; a black smudge on a sensitive painting and you have crossed the finishing line.


Blogs and Articles

Thoughts are thoughts. Mere words. Nothing that has ever been said can give you the feel.


Like an alchemist, one converts that which rose from deep within, that which had the potential to be converted into gold. The more you lost in the fire of your attention, the more you gained.

Artist’s Statement

I ordered a multilayered pudding

When ideas and concepts manufactured by the mind crumble, what seems to rise in its place is reality wrought in the cooling embers of the blacksmiths iron. Reality springs from the heart. Since you cannot get ahead of it you might as well drown in its depths. Heart space is that space which makes us unique individuals, one a doctor, and the other an artist. It is our dharma and the mind’s path to growth and stability. All other ways bring us right back here, and at the heart of it all, are unifying patterns weaving the earth and all of its creatures. This tool called art which inevitably becomes an extension of your being is fascinating only because it reveals the hitherto unknown. A journey through a Pandora’s Box that frees one from lurking shadows and leaves behind a handful of light. If it were not capable of that, I would not waste my time. First comes man, and then his art. And it’s best for man to indulge in his own baggage of madness and skewed vision, than probe elsewhere. The engagement with art itself sustains the being. It is self-sustaining whoever walks its path. And it is a walking and a talking and a being. But he must also be prepared to leave his tools behind when the time comes. Often the harsh stadium lights are blinding, and if you listen, you hear the rasping breath of art as it is reduced to a mere spectacle, a queer product of the frenzied intercourse of dredged out concepts and oft misused words like sustainable, professional, collaborative interventions etc. All residues of old management theories and practices.

Galleries & Publication

Solo Gallery Showings

Anuradha Nalapat has exhibited her art in various Galleries-

  • 2016    Krishnakanti festival, Kalakriti
  • 2015    ABC Biennale Kochi
  • 2015    Galerie de arts, Bangalore
  • 2013    Art world, Chennai
  • 2012    Sara Arakkal gallery, Bangalore
  • 2010    Kalakriti Art Gallery, Hyderabad
  • 2009    Time and Space, Bangalore
  • 2003    Art Heritage, New Delhi
  • 2001    Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore

  • 1998    Easel Gallery, Madras
  • 1998    Art Heritage, New Delhi
  • 1996    Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1995    Lalith Kala Academy, Cochin


Anuradha’s stories and poetry have been published in

  • The Indian Literature
  • The South Asian review


  • Book of verse – “Nothing is Safe”
  • Book of short stories – “Naalkavalayile Kuttichathan”
  • The Little Book Of Serendipity


Created in an elegant and lyrical style, Anuradha Nalapat’s compositions with subtle and pastel shades of colours are almost poetic. Her methodology of presenting ideas through divided canvases framed together gestures towards a world of consciousness and intuition.


– Ashrafi S Bhagat – Art Historian & Professor of Aesthetics

Anuradha Nalapat not only attempts to render the arcane, but also tries to cognize and comprehend it by discerning the visual analogies that she thinks are betrayed through the mundane in nature. She plays with the essential similitude between shapes, structures and appearances of different ‘substances’; bringing them together in the pictorial space devoid of their context.


– Deepak kannal – Prof Art history and Aesthetics


‘Tortoise Venus Nautilus and Us’, Anuradha Nalapat’s exhibition at Galerie Sara Arakkal was an ambitious exploration of universal connectedness on the micro and macro planes, alluding to mathematical and scientific ratios behind its spontaneous rhythms and recurring forms that govern mundane human life along with its organic and mystical or philosophical aspects.

Marta Jakimowicz- Art Historian and critic

Looking at her paintings and the swirls of humanity, one feels a sense of excitement, of the beginning of poetry without words. Through the exhibition and interactive exercise she wants the focus to shift from the painting on the wall to every individual’s life experiences. Go to the exhibition and the interaction to make your own stories and spaces, and you will recognize Anuradha’s spaces. “Hang in there, grab a piece of the sky, a bit of joy, and remain.

Lina Vincent Sunish- Art Historian and curator


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